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Meet William Comer, Co-Founder OF 1865 Brewing Co.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

“They know my glory but now my story.” – William Comer, co-founder of 1865 Brewing Co.

If you look at 1865 Brewing Co. co-founder William Comer today, you’ll see a black businessman thriving in multiple arenas of business. As recently as the economic recession of 2008, however, that wasn’t the case.

“I bet on black. I bet on me. Against all odds, I just always bet on me,” Comer said.

“There’s plenty of times I wanted to give up. I lost everything … It’s a story of perseverance man, just not giving up. Plenty of times the lights were cut off. Gas cut off. You’re taking cold showers, but you’re investing in your dream.

“Now fast forward and people know the end of it. They don’t understand that aspect of of it; never giving up. So many times, bro, I was like, ‘I’m hungry.’ I was literally hungry. I couldn’t eat, but that just made me a better business man.”

Watch the full Black Men Ventures Fireside Chat episode with Comer and host Jonathan King here.

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