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Black@Inbound hosting a Juneteenth virtual networking event

If you're a Black founder, entrepreneur, or professional, and you're looking for a platform to connect with others just like you, then get to know Black@Inbound.

Hosted on HubSpot, Black@Inbound is a social networking group that gathers Black professionals across industries to connect and network.

If you're already a Black business owner - or even thinking about making the leap to #entrepreneurship - follow this group and tap in.

Not only will you find great and impactful content, but you'll also come across exclusive events and learning opportunities geared at helping you grow your confidence and knowledge as a business professional. Plus, it's just a great place to start #networking.

Get started today by doing these two things: (1) join the Black@Inbound community, and (2) subscribe to their newsletter and stay in the know!


Leveling Up: How to Launch Your Business [3-Day Workshop Series]

Join our first-ever workshop series! Are you trying to make the leap to full-time entrepreneur or just curious about how to scale that side-hustle? This workshop is for you. Our 3-day Leveling Up workshops cover everything from developing and executing your go-to-market strategy, hiring outstanding talent, and funding your business. Join us June 14 - 16 from 12:00 - 1:30 pm est.

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Juneteenth Networking Event

We're coming together to celebrate Juneteenth and the Black excellence that is us! Play games and win Black@INBOUND prizes then dive right into networking.

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