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BMV x The Cannon partner to support Black male entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Black Men Ventures recently reached a partnership deal with The Cannon, an organization that develops innovation infrastructure to support entrepreneurialism around the world. (Click here to visit The Cannon website.)

The partnership has benefits for the Black Men Ventures Pitch Competition finalists and the entire BMV community. (Read about our pitch competition here.)

The eight Black Men Ventures Pitch Competition finalists will receive a free membership to The Cannon for 2021.

“I’m excited about this partnership, because it gives resources to our founders that they wouldn’t necessarily know exists,” said Alfred Duncan, founding member and CEO of Black Men Ventures. “Just like Black Men Ventures is kind of a diamond in the rough – people have found us and we are trying to help them reach their goals – having this organization that has this plethora of resources offering them a membership for free is invaluable. It’s so much information they can get from that.”

The Cannon is also offering 30 percent off membership prices to the entire BMV community.

“This partnership is about helping our community as a whole,” Duncan said. “The pitch applicants get free memberships, but this organization wants to partner with us, because they want to help our help our community as a whole, which means that they are willing to offer a discount to our community so that the resources can be available to them as well.”

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